Happy New Year! ......... (is it really?)


Hi guys, welcome to our first blog of 2021, and we would of course like to wish you all a Happy New Year! I think we were all realistic enough to know that the problems of 2020 would continue with us into the new year, there would be no miraculous cure come midnight and we would still be faced with many more months of turmoil. I guess there is always that little bit of hope though, because without hope would we really all be able to carry on? We feel very grateful that we were able to enjoy Christmas and New Year here to some extent, and we want to say a big thankyou to those of you who joined us. In the weeks leading up to Christmas we had so so many people make reservations then have to cancel them last minute due to international travel problems and it really was such an upsetting time but we made it in the end! New Year’s Eve saw further problems as international travel was more or less cancelled we had countless cancellations, but we did manage to get new bookings and despite having to be closed for midnight, we rang in the new year at 11pm and we all enjoyed ourselves. 


If any of you follow us on social media you will know we have been closed since the 15th January. Following Christmas our Covid19 cases began to steadily rise here in Lanzarote again and the government have increased our restrictions. This means at the moment indoor dining is prohibited, you may use your terrace spaces but only up to 50%, live music is not allowed and bars and restaurants must be closed by 6pm. Whilst we agree with any means necessary to reduce the Covid cases here, these restrictions along with the fact that there are currently almost no holiday makers here means it was impossible for us to remain open for now. 


We have been closed for two weeks now and we have been using this time to our advantage and catching up on our paperwork, social media, rehearsing, general maintenance in the bar and spending some quality time with our families. We are busy planning for our reopening, and once these restrictions are eased we will back doing what we love. Whilst for the minute there are very very few holidaymakers here, this will undoubtedly affect our opening hours when we do reopen but we will keep you all up to date with news via social media. We will be continuing our ‘Bright Side’ Sessions with us both playing live behind closed doors for the moment. 


We would love to be posting a blog to tell you about our future plans and events but at the moment it just isn’t possible to make plans for tomorrow let alone the coming year, we really hope things will improve soon and we can be writing more positive news in our next blog. 


In the meantime guys, stay safe, know that we miss you, we desperately want to see you all retuning to Lanzarote once it is safe for you to do so! This has been going on so long now that it is really hard to see light at the end of the tunnel at times. But just remember, The Good Old Days will return, and they’ll be better than ever! 


Nolita, Charlie & Team GOD 

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